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Important Information

Information needed to know after creating the tunneling account.

Create ssh ssl/tsl and vpn free account only at dewassh. dewassh provide free VPN SSH SSL/ TSL and use a reliable server. Each server is set up in such a way so to be able to accommodate the large number of users every day. How to create SSH ssl/tsl and VPN account at dewassh is very easy, you simply enter your username and password then input the captcha correctly then congratulations your account successfully created. don't forget to visit dewassh to get your account continue to SSH and VPN updates every day

Each DewaSSH account valid for 30  days only. Your account is only allowed used two multi bitvise. Any other else, your connection will be disconnected automatically from the server. dewassh allows you to use your own username as part of your account with the following format, your username-dewassh which make you remember your account easily. How to fill our registration form? First, fill username. Your username must consist of 3-10 characters. You can’t fill it with number or any other characters, except words. Second, fill password form. Your passwords have to consist of more than 5 characters. You can fill it with words or numbers. Last, you have to fill the captcha. Fill it precisely, as shown on your monitor. Then, clicks create. And your accounts are ready to use.

Tunneling Statistics

We counted every created accounts. This is the statistics about all created account by tunneling types.

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